Sunday, 5 August 2012

Snow White Costumes


Poor, beautiful Snow White was poisoned by her Evil Stepmother. Lucky there was a handsome Prince to bring her back to life! Make sake sure you learn from Snow White’s mistakes, and don’t bite the poison apple when you dress up as her! Snow White’s character is a well known striking beauty. Her ebony hair, alabaster skin and blood red lips are hard to miss and hard to forget. Snow White’s trademark dress has puffy red sleeves, a blue bodice and a puffy yellow skirt. There are many different versions of her outfit that you can choose from based on the look you want to go for. The traditional long Snow White Dress; is a popular choice, but there is also a shorter, cheekier version ; and it really just depends on what sort of look you are going for. To add some extra fun to your Snow White Costume, you could take a shiny apple along with you to the party, or maybe a ‘magic’ mirror!

Snow White Fairytale Adult Costume

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