Thursday, 2 August 2012

Christmas Costumes


There’s something about dressing up that makes everything more fun, and imagine how much the fun of Christmas is amplified when you’re in costume! We’ve got everything from Santa Claus to Shepherds to deck you out in the finest of festive fancy dress.
As bags start appearing under kids eyes from excited lack of sleep in the days proceeding Christmas, decorations spring up all over town and an odd candy cane or two meets the end of its life.
Christmas Costumes are a fantastic way to celebrate the season – have fun hopping into a very merry character costume or re-enact the reason for Christmas in the Nativity scene. We have everything from Gingerbread costumes to Angels – all you need for a cracker Christmas!
Father Christmas himself is a jolly old fellow with an infectious laugh. We’ve got Santa Costumes galore – everything from the gloves, to the glasses. And then there’s his cheery friends, the Elves. Elves go hand in hand with Christmas – after all, where would Santa be without his ‘Little Helpers’. And of course, Mrs Claus, his delightful wife.
Have a very Merry Christmas!
Santa's Turtle Dove Women's Costume

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