Thursday, 2 August 2012

1970's Costumes


Do you have a 1970s party coming up? Need a 1970s costume? Costume Direct stocks a huge variety of 1970′s costumes!
Clothing styles during the 1970s were influenced by outfits seen in popular music groups and Hollywood films. Much of the 1970s fashion styles were influenced by the hippie movement of the 1960s. Significant fashion trends of the 1970s began with a continuation of the mini skirts, bell bottoms and psychedelic dresses from the late 1960s, was soon sharply characterized by several distinct fashion trends that have left an indelible image of the decade commemorated in popular culture. These include platform shoes, worn by both men and women. Wide-legged, flared trousers were another fashion mainstay for both sexes throughout most of the decade, and this style has been immortalized in the 1977 film, ‘Saturday Night Fever’. The “disco look”, complete with three-piece suits for men, which the film further popularized, lasted until it was gradually replaced by punk fashion. Hot pants were a fashion craze for young girls and women in the early 1970s. Sideburns and beards came back into style for men, as well as the large, round Afro. Women’s hairstyles went from long and straight in the first half of the decade to the feathery cut of Farrah Fawcett.
Whether you have a 1970′s party, 70s fancy dress up, decade party or just a fancy dress up party, you’ll have plenty of choice with Costume Direct’s 1970′s costumes!
ABBA 1970s Disco Mens Costume

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