Sunday, 5 August 2012

Joker Costumes


The Joker is renowned for being one of the most evil super villains in the fictional world. The Joker made his first appearance in the Batman superhero comic book series in 1940 and has continued to appear in comics, books and movies ever since.
So, feel like being “evil” and running around playing sadistic pranks on your friends or co-workers for a night? …then the Joker is the character for you! No one will miss you in our fabulous three piece royal purple and green Joker costume which can be worn with the matching gloves, wig and mask. This eccentric Joker costume is available in many sizes for boys, teenagers and adult men.
The “Joker costume” is perfect for super hero and villains parties, good vs. evil parties, Batman or comic themed parties and Halloween parties. Add some crazy face paint and a flare for mischief and this is the perfect costume for anyone!
The Joker Mens Costumes

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