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Ringmaster Costumes


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…

The ringmaster is the most visible performer in the modern circus, and one of the most important circus members, since he stage-manages the performance, introduces the various acts, and guides the audience through the entertainment experience. In smaller circuses, the ringmaster is often the owner and artistic director of the circus. Many modern-day ringmasters become an integral part of the performance, singing and dancing along with the other entertainers.

Ring Master Three Ring Hottie Deluxe Womens Costume

In the days before modern lighting equipment, it was the ringmaster’s job to literally “direct” the attention of the audience to the appropriate sections of the performance area, even as the previous act was being torn down or the next act was being set up in another area. Most performances were mute by nature, accompanied by resounding brass music. Therefore, the ringmaster’s big, booming voice was important as it cut through the clutter and excitement to announce the act. It is the ringmaster’s job to create a sense of wonder through hyberpole, with declarations of the “biggest”, “most dangerous”, “amazing”, “spectacular” when commenting on the performance.

Ring Master Deluxe Mens Costume
A ringmaster is traditionally attired in a bright, gaudy topcoat and tails — often red with gold trim — with a tall top hat. The outfit is designed to look like an 18th century gentleman’s riding habit, and often includes a whip, a relic of when the ringmaster directed the performance, not as announcer and host but as director of the many equestrian acts, a specialist stage-manager.

Moustache - Ring Master

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