Sunday, 5 August 2012

Peanuts Costumes


Snoopy is the most famous comic book animal of all time. That’s pretty impressive considering he barely says a word.

Charlie Brown is the leader of the Peanuts gang who is regarded as a loveable loser. What ever he tries seems to be a failure but the greatest thing about him is that he may get down but he never gives up.

Snoopy has done many amazing things for a dog. He has been a reporter, a Red Baron and a figure skater to name a few. Even though he was Charlie Brown’s dog, he seemed to be shared by all the Peanuts gang. Snoopy’s best friend was a yellow bird named Woodstock. Charlie’s best friends are Linus, Lucy and his faithful dog, Snoopy.

Woodstock is Snoopy’s bird friend. Together they go on many imaginary adventures. Snoopy is the only one who understands Woodstock and the two of them are very close. Woodstock is the most recognized non-human comic strip character.

Peanuts Charlie Brown Mens Costume

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