Thursday, 2 August 2012

Animal Jumpsuits


Jump into some fun with our cute animal jumpsuits! Do you have a safari party coming up? Want to wear an animal jumpsuit for an African / international themed party? Why not dress up in a lion jumpsuit for a circus party? We have a huge range of animal jumpsuits available to hire, including a lion costume, tiger costume, chicken costume, cow costume, gorilla costume, wolf costume, elephant costume, panda costume, giraffe costume, polar bear costume, penguin costume, dinosaur costume, horse costume, zebra costume, frog costume, monkey costume, shark costume and many more!
Need help on how to make a lion costume look convincing? Draw on some fake whiskers and growl the night away! The hire costumes are full length jumpsuits with the animal’s head of your choice sitting on your head, leaving your face free! With these awesome animal jumpsuits, you’ll be a hit at your next fancy dress party!
Horse Animal Costume

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