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Devil Costumes


The “devil” is a timeless character, dating back throughout the ages and appearing in the earliest piece of literature: the bible.  More recently, devil costumes have been seen to make appearances at many fancy dress parties such as Friday the 13th parties, Halloween parties and religious themed parties.  The devil is a great costume idea as it is so versatile for girls, boys, men and women of all ages.

Lil' Devil Womens Costumes

The devil is usually associated with the idea of a male with red coloured skin, horns and atail, wearing a suit, cape and holding a pitch fork.  Thus we offer a range of costume ideas which appeal to this image.  We have a devil latex face mask, capes for all sizes, even boys.

Devil Horns on Elastic

When dressing as the devil, women have it easier than men as they can dress as the original devil or make a statement as a “sexy devil” or even a “she devil”.   Any of the female devil looks can be accessorised with devil horns and a devil tail, whether they are fabulously sequinned or not, and paired with our red devil eyelash makeup set.

Devil Sexy Womens Costume

The devil is believed to be an evil entity, a fallen angel, who dwells in the underworld, known as hell.  The devil is personified as a red skinned male figure with horns and a tail, who lives in a fiery pit and commands the lost souls of humans.  The devil is seen as the enemy of God, and is constantly battling God over the command of the souls of humanity.  The devil is a concept which has been around since the beginning of time, and is beileved to be a prankster, who tries to tempt humanity into committing sins and evil deeds.

Red Devil Womens Costumes

The devil is also seen to command an army of demons, fallen angels and other supernatural forms, for example, vampires or witches.  The devil also has human worshippers who are referred to as gothics or wiccas. The devil is a great costume idea as it can be used for Halloween parties, good vs. evil parties, religious themed parties and many, many more!

Glitter Devil Horns on Elastic

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