Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sailor Costumes


Sailor costumes are perfect for an under the sea party, for a sailor costume party, or for a uniform party! Our cute sailor costumes will have you desperate to be sailing the seven seas!
Sailors first started to wear the distinctive white and blue sailor costumes in 1857, but it wasn’t until Prince Albert wore a child sailor costume on a sailing trip that it really caught the public’s imagination. There was a time when it was popular for children, both boys and girls, to wear sailor costumes. Even to this day in many Asian countries, children wear sailor costumes as their school uniform. This has led to Japanese cartoon like Sailor Moon, and the increase in popularity of sailor moon costumes.
Sailor costumes are popular adult fancy dress costumes for both men and women. Whether you want to dress up in a real sailor costume, or go dressed up in a sweetheart sailor, you’re sure to find the perfect sailor costume for your next fancy dress party!
Sailor Sweetheart Sexy Womens Costume

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