Sunday, 5 August 2012

Pirate Costumes


Ahoy! And welcome to this here page for ye Pirates.!
Be it International Speak Like a Pirate Day (19th September), Treasure Island, the Pirates of Penzance, arrr Pirate Party, or Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates have stolen our hearts and captured our imagination.
Ever since Johnny Depp took to the seas as Jack Sparrow, in Pirates of the Caribbean this theme has been wildly popular.
Bonnie Blue Pirate Womens Costume
Our swashbuckling pirate costumes come in a range of sizes, from childrens pirate costumes to adults pirate costumes. With lovely loose billowy shirts in black or white, a pirate costume is easy to put together and doesn’t have to cost your good leg.
Female Pirate costumes come in a range of designs – you’ll be looking fabulous and fearsome all at the same time. Feminine red bows decorate the sides of some of our most popular pirate hats for a flirty touch to a fun outfit.
Pirate - Raider of the Sea Mens Costumes
Far from restrictive, you can be a pirate from any of the four corners of the map – sail the seven seas as the Captain, a crew-mate, or maybe the Skeleton of a vanquished foe! Let your reputation proceed you and turn up as Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Red Beard, Anne Bonny or Henry Morgan. Or carve a gruesome tale of your own complete with hook and sword, blood and bones! Or maybe twist the theme – step out as a Pirate’s Parrot, Man Eating Shark, a captive, or a cannibal!
No pirate is complete without his ‘effects’, and here at Costume Direct we have plenty of them. Hats, eyepatches, fake guns, swords, moustaches, beards, boot covers, wigs… a treasure trove of goodies to get your hands on.
Authentic Pirate Captain Costume

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