Thursday, 2 August 2012

Lara Croft Costumes


Archeology never looked this hot! Lara Croft (of the Tomb Raider series) is a symbol of the sexy heroine meets ultimate adventurer. Featured in video games and films, Lara Croft has earned her place as a popular culture icon.
The Lara Croft costume is a characterized by short shorts with dual gun holsters, tank top, and utility belt and is perfect for parties in the hot Aussie summer. Think brown hair in a side plait and you’re on the right track (not naturally a long-haired brunette? A wig can help you out there). And there’s nothing better than the original Lara Croft costume to save the world in. Practice those British accents people to get into character, and you’ll be set.
This costume would be brilliant for themes like Movies and Video Game Characters, Cosplay Costumes, British Characters, or Heroes and Villains.
Ancient artifacts and hidden treasures… Nothing is sacred when you’re Lara Croft. You’ll be raiding tombs yourself in our Lara Croft costume!
Lara Croft Anniversary Womens Costume

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