Thursday, 2 August 2012

M&Ms Costumes


M&M’s (named after the surnames of the company founders Mars & Murrie brothers) are dragée-like "colorful button-shaped candies" produced by Mars, Incorporated. The candy shells, each of which has the letter "m" printed in lower case on one side, surround a variety of fillings, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, crisped rice, mint chocolate, peanuts, almonds, orange chocolate, coconut, pretzel, wild cherry, and peanut butter. M&M’s originated in the United States in 1941, and are now sold in over 100 countries.
They are produced in different colors, some of which have changed over the years. The difference between the different colored M&Ms is the dye added to the outer coating.
Concurrent with the Blue M&M campaign, M&M’s introduced computer animated "spokescandies" in their television commercials. These include the team of the cynical and sardonic "Red" (originally voiced by Jon Lovitz) who is the mascot for milk chocolate M&M’s, and the happy and gullible "Yellow" (originally John Goodman, thereafter J.K. Simmons), who is the mascot for peanut M&M’s.
Other mascots include the "cool one", Blue (Phil Hartman, thereafter Billy West) for almond; the seductive Green (Cree Summer) for peanut butter, coconut, and dark chocolate (Green is the only female M&M’s mascot); and the slightly neurotic Orange (Eric Kirchberger) for crispy and pretzel M&M’s. Although brown M&Ms have been around since the beginning of the candy, no brown M&M "spokescandy" was included.
M&Ms Green Poncho Adult Costume

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