Thursday, 2 August 2012

1980′s Costumes


The 1980s! A decade filled with cultural and economic revolutions, the 1980′s are known not only for major world events, but also for the fashion! The new music scene exploded in this era, the fashion mirroring what happened in the music scene at the time. Madonna and Michael Jackson led the way for pop music, with other huge stars such as Cyndi Lauper, Billy Idol and Kiss remembered not only for their music, but for their interesting fashion sense. For the men, this decade is littered with mullets, mohawks, piercings, tattoos, studded leather jackets and more. For women, fluoro coloured tulle and petticoat skirts were in fashion, brightly coloured fishnet stockings and leg warmers, converse shoes, shoulder padded jackets, lots of beads and jewellery and fluffed up hair.
Why not wear a 1980s costume for your next 1980s party, decade party, eras party and more? Whether you want wear a general 1980s fancy dress costume, or you want to wear a 1980s character costume, look no further than Costume Direct! We stock Michael Jackson costumes, Madonna costumes, Billy Idol costumes, Freddy Mercury costumes, Cyndi Lauper costumes, Kiss costumes and MC Hammer costumes. Just want the accessories? Try a hot pink leg warmers, fluoro fishnet gloves, metallic leggings, punk accessories, rockstar wigs and more!
80s Heavy Metal Hero Mens Costume

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