Thursday, 2 August 2012

Burlesque Costumes


Burlesque is a term which was used to describe old fashioned variety shows, however, more recently it has been used to refer to a sexier style of show/dance or even strip tease. Burlesque shows are often performed in cabarets, clubs and theaters, and were very popular between the 1860s and 1940s. From the 1990s there has been a revival of burlesque, which can be seen from the movies ‘Chicago’, ‘Moulin Rouge’ and and ‘Burlesque’. There are many burlesque shows still performed in Las Vegas. Burlesque is a theme which can encompass Can Can Girls to Show Girls to Pin Up girls. When dressing for burlesque, less is always more. Popular burlesque costumes include layered skirts, corset tops, gloves, trains, fishnet stockings, lace, feathers and a killer pair of high heels.

Burlesque/Peacock Womens Costume

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