Monday, 5 November 2012

State of the Union - Post-Halloween's Good Grief

Good grief.

Halloween has come and gone, and now we are on the cusp of the race that stops the nation. What an absurd few weeks it has been.

Inundated with costumes of every variety (and not all of them scary and immodest) we’ve done everything that we can to ensure your Halloween was a good one. The sheer, gross number of customers (gross in the sense that there were a lot of you, not that you are revolting) we had in the last fortnight has almost been debilitating. But good debilitating. Like when you drink just enough to know a sit-down is in order. The lead up to Christmas is our hard-earned, and definitely-needed sit-down.

This Halloween also marked our radio debut – and though half our name was censored (“All Costumes Great and Small and Costume—beep” who else could it really be?) our customer service team was competent (or perhaps incompetent) enough to get a laugh out of Tom Ballard, even if we couldn’t offer him the Richard Kingsmill costume he so desired. Listeners can rest assured that we have a surplus stock of Kingsmill costumes in all sizes, still to come, for next year. Watch this space.

This is, then, a timely opportunity to let all our digital friends (or “likers” – maybe too cold a term) know that we also sell balloons. You would be forgiven for thinking, as I did, that you couldn’t purchase balloons for an occasion like the Melbourne Cup, but how wrong, as I was, you would be. We supplied for a whole lot of Halloween parties over the past few weeks, we’ve just distributed a whole lot for Cup Day around Wahroonga, and Christmas – as the department stores very loudly and quickly remind us – is only around the month-or-so corner. If you want thin plastic membranes filled with the gassy essence of voice-altering fun, give us a call.
Between seasons we get bored. So shortly we will be announcing our Best-Of Halloween competition. Regardless of whether or not you rented it from us, we do so love to encourage good costumes. If you think your getup for the spooky season was good enough that you could confidently laugh in the face of conventional vampires, or regular sexy ghosts (bikinis over sheets will be very well received) then why not enter the most flattering picture of yourself from the week gone by, in the hope of winning some incredibly elaborate and unexpected prizes (it’s gift-vouchers, just to spoil the surprise)! But get your skates on (or, you know, your costume) as the competition closes on Friday, 4:00.

In any case, thank you so much to those of you who came in store, ate our candy, and tried on our costumes. There’s a horrible “spooktacular” pun to be made somewhere in here about the collective lot of you, but we respect you too much to try.
Hope that All Hallows Eve was fun, rather than frightful, and that you are all well.

Be wonderful to one another,
Costume Direct.

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