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At least once in our lives, we all attend at least one costume party. Usually they can be really fun, especially if you approach them with the right attitude and look forward to having fun!

Whether it's your own party or you have been invited to a party, there is no doubt you will want to look your best. Use this opportunity to get creative! You may want to choose a character or costume that reflects your own personality, or use this opportunity to channel a character or costume you wouldn't normally consider.

There are many themes and characters to consider, some popular ones include:

1920's costumes: Ladies, feel the part in a flapper and feather boa, put on some beads and a feather headband and you'll look perfect! Gentlemen, channel Al Capone in your best pin striped suit, braces and gangster hat.

Fairytale costumes: Return to the books you always loved as a child, become Cinderella but be sure not to lose your glass slipper! You could be Sleeping Beauty, Strawberry Shortcake, Alice in Wonderland or Raggedy Anne. Gentlemen, become Prince Charming, the Tin Man, the Beast, the King of Hearts, Robin Hood, the list goes on! Couples could go as Hansel and Gretel!

Superhero costumes: Ladies transform into Wonder Woman, Cat woman or Uma Thurman from Kill Bill. Gentlemen could be Buzz Lightyear, Spiderman, Mr Incredible or even Spongebob!

Starwars costumes: Ladies you are Princess Leia for the night, twirl your hair into buns and pull out your best space boots! Gentlemen you have a great choice from Luke Skywalker, Stormtrooper, Yoda, Chewbacca, John Connor, the list is endless. Be sure to bring your Lightsaber along!

Uniform costumes: Ladies, become Sargeant Sexy, a Flight Attendant, a French Maid, a Nurse or a Pilot. Gentlemen, channel Tom Cruise from Top Gun, be become a police officer from the NY PD, a doctor in Scrubs, or a Fireman.

Fun Costumes: Dress as your favourite food item, a banana, a taco, a hot dog or a beer bottle! Dress as a Sumo Wrestler, or your favourite animal like a gorilla, a tiger, or a Cockroach!

Egyptian costumes: Ladies, dress as Cleopatra, outline your eyes and find the perfect polka straight black wig with fringe! Gentlemen, dress as Marc Antony. Put on a toga, some golden armour and a golden leaf headpiece.

Disney costumes: Bring back the movies and books of the nineties! Ladies dress as Belle, Jasmine, Cinderella, Esmerelda, Ariel or Nala from the Lion King! Gentlemen, dress as Prince Charming, The Beast, Quasimodo, Pinnocchio,John Smith or a 101 Dalmation!

Overall, costume parties are made to have fun. Who cares if you look silly or you have spray-painted hair, that's all in the nature of it! Forget about the stiletto heels or the uncomfortable suit you might wear to a regular party and use a costume party as a chance to simply relax and have fun! 

You are sure to have an extremely fun night if you choose any of these themes, or choose to dress in any of these costumes. Look forward to the party, do the right planning and be organised. Make sure you go all out and look the part in your costume. Take lots of pictures to ensure you have memories of the special night and show them to all of your friends. See if you can win the award for best dressed!

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