Monday, 28 March 2011

Superhero Costumes

Save the world as a Superhero - maybe Superman or Superwoman... there is no doubt that this is a Super theme! The Superhero theme is enduringly popular, often with the addition of Villains, to give the guests even more to choose from. We thought we'd blog one at a time because there is an insane amount of ideas on each!

Wonderwoman is always a popular choice, and looks particularly amazing when teamed with the right boots. If ever there was a costume that was made better with the addition of accessories, it was the Wonderwoman costume with boots.

These shoes are comfortable and give your outfit that extra 'KAPOOOW'!

Classic Superhero Stylin'
Superman and Superwoman are also great for a Superhero theme and is an easy set of costumes to go in as a couple.
Watchout for that Kryptonite!
Be brave and show your stomach or play it safe in one of the more conservative costumes.

Then there's the classic Cat woman, Batman, Batwoman, Robin, Spider man or X-men costumes. It's hard to beat an old school Marvel or DC Comic

Save the Day in classic grey!  
Catwoman - crime fighting fun.

But whilst the perviously mentioned Superheroes are the most popular picks, they are far from your only options. You could remix the theme a bit as Buzz Light-year, Mr/Mrs Incredible, a Ghostbuster, Zorro, Storm from X-men or V for Vendetta.
Mum Mrs Incredible comes to the rescue

Perhaps you could pick up a few old school Marvel/DC comics to have lying around the room.

As for decorations, you could have different parts of your house decorated to different Superheroes themes - for example maybe you could transform your bathroom/garage into the Lair in Batman - a few cardboard cutouts of bats, some 'spiderweb' in the corners, maybe a mask here or there... A red, blue and yellow theme could be good for the main area as it is typical of Superman, Superwoman and even Wonderwoman - the colour combination just screams superhero! Add streamers, superhero logo cut-outs (think the S for Superman), coloured balloons, and maybe cut out some big yellow bits of cardboard to make the classic comic 'POW!' signs. You could even tie the food in with the colour theme (Jaffas, Blue Jelly, Chips, Strawberries, Blueberries, Watermelon...). Another idea would be to ice some muffins with various superhero symbols.

Buzz - he's so hot right now!

The superhero theme is lots of fun. As Buzz Lightyear would say, 'Too infinity and beyond!'

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