Thursday, 22 March 2012

Wonder Woman

Wonder woman radiates contagious love, addictive peace and not to forget sensual sexiness that every woman would love to be attributed with. The super heroine came at a time when the world in general required sexual equality with the comic world portraying a patriarchal chain of thought since most of the heroes at that time were all men. It is against this backdrop that wonder woman costumes are created.

A woman wearing a wonder woman costume definitely wants to be attributed to power, peace and sexiness. The costume has a lot of deviations with some spotting a skirt and other staying true to the classic wonder woman costume of a bikini bottom. The costumes are however consistent in colour which is usually blue for the skirt or bikini bottom, red for tube top or spaghetti top and a red cap. The outfit is usually completed with knee high red boots with a single line stripe at the front. The sexy super heroine costume is finally topped off with a golden tiara or crown worn on the head.

 Wonder Woman Justice League Womens Costume

The wonder woman costume is definitely meant for a woman who wants to radiate power and is definitely not shy about her sexuality. Versions of the costume are available for girls and are less sexy with emphasis lying more on feminine power. All of these varying wonder woman outfits are available from Costumes Direct.

Anime - Wonder Woman Adult Costume

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