Monday, 21 November 2011

Perfect Party Costume... THE PANDA.

Ever wanted to dress up as a panda for a fancy dress party? We know we have! Pandas make perfect costumes for parties with an animal theme, jungle theme, 'P' theme, black and white theme, funny costume theme and heaps more! And besides their usefulness for wearing to parties, a panda costume makes for great everyday attire!
Cute Panda Costume!
Everybody always dresses up in gorilla costumes, but we want to know... Why not panda costumes?! These cute creatures make for a great costume, and look so good in black and white!

Cutest Panda Yet!
How cute is this baby! Dress up your little munchkin, and raise awareness for pandas!
Have your own panda costume!
There's nothing like dressing up as panda for your next trip to the zoo! Come on, we dare you!

Panda costume not your thing? Plenty more animals where those came from! Browse through our Animal Costumes.

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