Wednesday, 14 September 2011

International Speak Like a Pirate Day... Arhhhh!

I'm counting down and there's only 3 full days until International Speak Like a Pirate Day. Taking place on the 19th of September each year, International Pirate day just keeps getting bigger. From its origins in 1995, people around the world have been catching onto the 'Speak like a Pirate' day and it has even been celebrated on the International Space Station.

Here's a handy site to get you speaking like the scurvy sea-dog of a Pirate that you are. We recommend a little practice to get you in fine pirate form for this monday...
And then there's the 'Pirate' Translator. 

But it shouldn't stop at speaking like a pirate - lets declare it International Dress Like a Pirate day too!
The Pirate theme has always been popular, and with the likes of Johnny Depp playing the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow, it's only getting more so. 

Think beards and dreadlocks, hooks and feathered hats, boots, buckles and billowy shirts. It's a good excuse not to shower for a few days and have a bit of fun dressing up.

Classic Captain Jack Sparrow Costume
Arrrrh! This boys Pirate Costume is fit for a Pirate.
Who said Pirates can't be sexy? This Pirate Wench Costume is perfect for sailing the seven seas!

One of the most infamous Pirates is Captain Hook, villain of the timeless Disney tale Peter Pan. But you can't be 'Hook' without a hook!

We've got shiploads more Pirate costumes at Costume Direct - click to go to our Pirate Costume Category. Ahhhhr - and don't forget to check out our Pirate Competition on Facebook - you could win a $100 gift voucher!

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